About us

Bamboo Bobbi is a passion project from The Intelligent Group, a business based in Sheffield.
The Intelligent team volunteer their time to Bamboo Bobbi. This means Bamboo Bobbi has no director's salaries, no warehouse fees, and no shipping costs, we just give toilet paper to those in need.

Andy's story

Bamboo Bobbi wasn't thought up in a corporate boardroom.
It all started with Andy Cameron, founder of The Intelligent Group, and his simple desire to make a difference.

Andy started a business in 2012 selling electric hand dryers and over the years learnt about the environmental impact of paper towels (more to come about those
in the future!) and toilet paper. 

Think about it:

Grow a tree using loads of chemicals and water, cut it down, clear a forest, transport them, apply more chemicals and energy, transport them again,
process them some more, wrap them in plastic, transport them again, then throw them away!

Enter Bamboo Bobbi!

The character of Bobbi is based on Andy's youngest son. It might
sound a bit cheesy, but it's more than just a name, it's a constant reminder of his son, and the importance of doing the right thing for future generations.

Plus, turning your son into a toilet paper brand makes a good story at his wedding!

The Bobbi difference.

Sustainable, naturally soft, hypoallergenic, antibacterial.

Unbleached bamboo toilet paper with a small bamboo core. 

100% FSC - certified bamboo. 

Climate-neutral - certified by Climate Partner.

Plastic-free with recycled paper packaging.

Water-based inks.

No animal-based ingredients.

No nasty chemicals or scents.

PFAS free.

The environment & profits.

We don’t mess around! ALL of our profits go towards giving free, eco-friendly household products to food

It’s a WIN-WIN. Those in need get a little extra breathing space and the planet benefits from more people using sustainable products 

We’ve been voted one the most ethical loo roll brands around (thanks Ethical Consumer Magazine!)
Bamboo Bobbi aren’t here to greenwash, we really genuinely do contribute to the well-being of our planet and community. 

We like to do our bit.

The world's a bit of a mess, right?

Whether it’s picking up litter, volunteering at food banks or planting moss, our team roll up our sleeves and get involved with our local community.
We’re firm believers that businesses, big or small should be giving something back!

Bamboo Bobbi
Where less is more!