By Lindsay Hewson

Why I Use ‘Bamboo Bobbi’ as My Toilet Roll

By Dr Seeta Shah BSc (Hons), MBChB
Seeta, a vegan NHS doctor, & healthy lifestyle expert explains the benefits of Bamboo Bobbi toilet roll.

I have recently come across ‘Bamboo Bobbi’ toilet rolls and absolutely love them! They have become a staple in my house now and I want to share with you all why I love them.

As a doctor and being vegan, I am very much aware of how much wastage we are producing and the impact that it is having on the environment. I try my hardest to choose products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Toilet roll is something that we use every day (I hope so anyway!) and so it is paramount we use sustainable toilet roll and something that is not detrimental to our environment.
Bamboo Bobbi toilet roll is full of wonderful benefits. Unlike conventional toilet roll, using bamboo material avoids the need to replant trees which can take a very long time and is detrimental to the wildlife that live within the forests. Bamboo is a very fast-growing plant and therefore the turnover of produce is large and also very cost-effective. The Bamboo tree also grows densely which means less land is needed to grow them in comparison to hardwood trees. Bamboo farming can also be argued to be better on an ethical and moral level as it allows small farming communities to gain business in a sustainable way.
We are now very much aware of the carbon footprint which is affecting our planet and using bamboo toilet roll decreases this significantly. The Bamboo Bobbi products are carbon neutral as well as plastic free! As toilet roll is a product that is used worldwide and not confined to one area of the world, it means that if we all make this change to a more sustainable toilet roll it can really create a drastic change for the better.
The packaging that Bamboo Bobbi use is also sustainable and they take full responsibility for their entire footprint including the materials used, production and disposal of products as well as any emissions that those working there may create by travelling to work etc.
Bamboo Bobbi are also members of ‘1% for the Planet’. This means that 1% of all of thesales made are given to environmental and social causes. So, the company takes the planetinto account from every angle possible.

So, let’s talk about the product itself now- I absolutely love using this toilet roll. The packaging is lovely and the feel of the toilet roll is nice and soft. I also feel a lot better in myself knowing that I am using a sustainable product as well as supporting a family run business. You can buy packs of various sizes to suit your needs and can be comforted in the fact that you are also helping the environment by making this change.

I would love to share this with you guys – please check out my Instagram page@doctorseeta and you will find a Bamboo Bobbi post on my page with a link to their products.

I hope you found this useful and learnt something new and will try out this great toilet roll.


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