How and why we do it!

Bamboo Bobbi started with a mission: to stop the destruction of millions of trees and make the world a better place.

But we wanted to do more!

Our team discussed the issue of poverty in the UK. How can a country as rich as ours still have people struggling?

That's when the idea hit us! 

It was so obvious…
100% of our profits could go to UK foodbanks.

Bamboo Bobbi wouldn't just be kind to the planet, it would be giving back right here at home.

Millions of people in the UK rely on food banks to put food on the table. While food is obviously crucial, many families struggle to afford even basic necessities like toilet paper.

By becoming a non-profit, Bamboo Bobbi can help address this problem.

When we say 100% of our profits, we mean 100%!

At Bamboo Bobbi there will be none of the "we are giving our profits away" but the directors are getting paid a shit load, so we don’t really make a profit bullshit.


Here’s what makes Bamboo Bobbi unique:

  • Bamboo Bobbi is a passion project for The Intelligent Group, a Sheffield-based business. Their team generously volunteers their time, handling everything from warehousing to marketing.

  • For every roll of toilet paper you buy online, we will donate a free, eco-friendly roll to UK food banks. This not only helps those in need but also doubles the environmental benefits.

  • Our customers will be able to see a clear breakdown of profits, and the amount of toilet paper donated.