• BUY ONE, GIVE ONE FREE • 100% of profits goes to giving FREE toilet roll to UK Foodbanks •                   

How we do it!

Bamboo Bobbi was created to stop the destruction of millions of trees and contribute to making the world a better place.

But could we do more?

Our team were discussing the scale of poverty in the UK, and how unjust it is, considering we are one of the richest countries in the world.

Then Eureka! it became so obvious…..
100% of our profits could go to UK foodbanks.

We can have a positive environmental impact and simultaneously help address poverty in the UK.

Bamboo Bobbi is a proud member of The Intelligent Group of businesses based in Sheffield.

Bamboo Bobbi operates on volunteered time from the Intelligent team. This means all warehousing, distribution, accounts, management, marketing and development of the business come at zero cost! Ensuring that for every toilet roll sold, we can give a free, environmentally friendly roll to UK foodbanks (who currently have to purchase environmentally damaging virgin paper).

This doubles the environmental saving, and helps free up more funds for foodbanks to buy other essentials for their growing number of dependents. It’s a WIN-WIN.

We give free, eco-friendly toilet roll to foodbanks from the profits of our premium, sustainable brand. Those in need get a little bit more help, and the planet benefits from more people using sustainable products.