• Why Bamboo?

    We created Bamboo Bobbi because toilet paper made from virgin forest trees represents one of the most wasteful products, destroying whole forests for a single-use product. 

    Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world, it is natural, antibacterial, self-generating, requires no chemicals, and uses far less water, further more, the plant can be harvested without killing the root.

    Bamboo takes out more carbon from the atmosphere than trees and requires no additional water or chemical inputs which form a large part of the environmental impact of commercial wood.

    Naturally soft, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal, Bamboo Bobbi is free from inks, dyes, scents. We don’t bleach our paper as we believe it is a process we just don't need! Toilet paper doesn't have to be white!

  • Certified Carbon Neutral.

    At Bamboo Bobbi we don’t mess around we truly do achieve carbon
    neutrality. Unlike others who only consider product-related emissions, we include everything from producing and transporting our product to office energy and team commuting.

    Our office has implemented energy-efficient practices, investing in
    renewable energy and optimising our operations to minimize waste. Our team are encouraged to use public transport, carpool, or even bike to work whenever possible.

    We report our carbon emissions monthly. By being open about our
    progress, we not only hold ourselves accountable but also inspire others to join us in the fight against climate change.

  • 1% for the Planet.

    1% of every sale goes to environmental charities.
    As members of the 1% for the Planet family, we're all about giving back to our planet. Every sale we make, we donate 1% to environmental charities.

    No greenwashing, just genuine action. We’re part of this great initiative because we believe in being transparent, avoiding any misleading claims, and genuinely supporting causes that matter.
    Choosing Bamboo Bobbi means you are not just shopping; you are becoming a partner in positive change.

    From our inception we have been donating to and working in partnership with a variety of environmental organisations. Most recently we've partnered with Moors for the Future, planting sphagnum moss in the beautiful Peak District. This initiative helps restore vital peatland to benefit wildlife, reduce flood risk and clean the water that ends up in our reservoirs. This moss is also known to store more carbon than any other plant, including trees and offers a significant nature based solution in tackling climate change.
    We cant wait to get back into hills and help Moors for the Future to plant more of this incredible plant.