Why make the switch to Bamboo Bobbi?

If everyone made the switch to Bamboo Bobbi we could save...

...and donate toilet paper to over

The Foodbanks

At Bamboo Bobbi, we believe that everyone deserves access to basic essentials, including toilet paper. 

Many people don’t realise the importance of “hygiene essentials” like toilet paper. Let’s be real, when you’re worried about feeding your kids or keeping the heat on, buying toilet paper might not be at the top of your list. But it is an essential everyone needs.

click here to find how foodbanks work and how you can help.

Certified Carbon Neutral

Certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Partner, at Bamboo Bobbi we don’t mess around.

  Unlike others who only consider product-related emissions, we include everything from producing and transporting our toilet roll to the energy used in the office, we even include our teams commute into work!

We have an energy-efficient office and have invested in renewable energy and minimising operational waste. We encourage our team to use public transport, carpool, or even bike to work whenever possible. Giving prizes and incentives to those producing the least carbon emissions.

By being open and honest about our progress, we not only hold ourselves accountable but also inspire others to join us in the fight against climate change.

Sustainable supply

  • We use FSC-certified bamboo, guaranteeing 100% bamboo, responsible forestry practices that protect ecosystems, workers’ rights, and local communities.

  • We cut above the bamboo root system, this protects the stored carbon and allows for fast regrowth – a continuous cycle of sustainability.

  • Our factory, powered by hydroelectric energy, is located very close to the bamboo forest. This minimizes transportation emissions and keeps our footprint low.

  • Bamboo is transformed into chips, then pulp, and finally into giant spools of toilet paper, which are then cut into human-sized rolls.

  • We use sea freight, a low-emission method, to transport Bobbi Bamboo to the UK. It’s kinder to the planet than airfreight.

  • Independent labs rigorously test our products. This guarantees your Bobbi Bamboo is:

    100% FSC-certified bamboo, meeting the highest environmental and social standards.

    PFAS-free, and contains no nasty chemicals or bleach

    We’re ISO14001 certified, demonstrating our commitment to continuous environmental improvement through responsible resource use and waste reduction.

  • We believe in less is more. That’s why Bobbi Bamboo...

    Isn't individually in fancy colorful paper, contains no advertising inserts, and definitely no plastic.

    Our rolls arrive in simple natural packaging printed with soy ink

  • We are committed to transparency. By being open and honest about our practices, we hold ourselves accountable and inspire others to embrace sustainable practices. 

    Let’s fight climate change together, one roll of Bobbi Bamboo at a time! improvement through responsible resource use and waste reduction.

100% of profits goes to giving FREE toilet roll to UK foodbanks

Cuts more carbon emissions than buying any other brand.

With zero operating costs, every penny you spend goes to helping others.

How do we do it?